Garden Design Process

Leeds and Yorkshire


An hours consultation in your garden to discuss the style, use of the garden, planting plans and any idea’s or styles that you like. Prior to this you will have filled in a questionnaire which will help with the planning. There will be a fee for the consultation, however if you choose to go ahead and would like me to draw up a garden design, this will be refunded.


A quotation for the design work discussed will be sent to you, along with a summary of what we talked about. At this stage you can decide if you want me to go ahead and create a design for you or if you want to progress the work yourself based on the ideas at the consultation.

Design Ideas

Initial idea’s will be drawn up and illustrated, along with a mood board to give you a feel of how the garden will look and its colour scheme. There will also be idea’s suggested for the hard landscaping and more detail on the planting and the different areas of the garden.

Planting Plan


Final Design

A complete plan will be drawn up with meticulous attention to detail which can be used by both landscapers and contractors for quotation purposes. A detailed planting plan will also be included, along with suggestions for garden and plant maintenance. One alteration can also be done within the scope of the work.

Landscape quotations

If you wish, I can liaise with landscapers and obtain 3 quotations on your behalf.

Project Management

I can be available to advise and liaise with the landscapers on every aspect of the project, right through to completion.